Yaya visits Marvin in Nigeria/Khosi shows Thabang his $6oob/Olivia’s Blue cry cos/Kanaga pays back

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  1. Cynthia whats all this your title about khosi showing boob to thabang…abeg stop doing this to khosi. This is typical belittling someone's name. I love you Cynthia but this is really bad. Khosi deserves an apology for this

  2. Tsatsi and ipeleng's friendship started first day!I like it when Ipeleng also chose to write to Tsatsi! KJ is Smart he understood what Tsatsi was doing.Tsatsi and Ipeleng's friendship till day72😂

  3. I hope they bring another twist in this Supreme Veto Power thing. Instead of evicting someone, nominate people for possible eviction for the remaining weeks and leave it to us viewers who we want to send home. Otherwise we will be left with no entertainment. The housemates Ipeleng is eyeing are Khosi. Thabang and Miracle, that means she wants to close the show. Too bad

  4. I’m worried bout this veto power thing guys nooo it mustn’t be what y’all are saying cause it’s obvious who ipeleng will save nd myt send home,, is it even that I hope it’s not I’m sick

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