What Phyna and Bella called Erica on their birthday, Groovy music is going viral.

Your favorite celebrity news update, Big Brother Naija season 7 winner and Bella on Erica’s birthday.


  1. Stop postx phyna with someone. She is not dating groovy again .phyna is a big brand .Stop linking her to that mummy boy .When have you seen phyna with that boy or talk abt him .ship crash since Jan. Focus on phyna alone.

  2. PHYNA has made a name for herself and still doggedly pushing to write her name in gold, pls you people should stop posting her always with a man, her winning BBN is not her involvement with Groovy she was the content of that show, outside the house she is still trending without him why do you people keep posting them together as if all her efforts and success is linked with this noy

  3. But why do you bloggers like putting PHYNA and GROOVY picture together anytime you make a post, do you think it gives you more engagements, o only stop by because Eddy you are someone I respect a lot because of the way you love PHYNA, post them differently and see how much engagement you will get whether they are together or not they want to be respected individually, if they are no longer together just imagine how pissed off they will be for always linking them together.

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