Vawulence as Beauty attacks Ilebaye, Bryann over Groovy (Video)

Following the first BBNaija season 7 first Saturday night party, there are love, romance, beef, malice and vawulence looming up and down. Some housemates are wise enough to do interhouse loving and relationship while others are not.

Beauty and Ilebaye clash because of man! Miss Nigeria named Beauty wants Ilebaye to have a taste of her because of the way she addressed her while expressing herself to Groovy.

Prior to this moment, we can trace the gbas gbos back to the housemates’ Saturday night party. Beauty had expressed her disappointment to Groovy because he danced with “Chomzy” who she has beef with during the party.

 It may appear the 24-year-old ex-beauty queen “Beauty Tukura” have trust issues and doesn’t want to see his love interest with Groovy, level 1 housemate – Chomzy.

As an agent of peace Ilebaye tried to let peace reign while Beauty was in vawulence mode with Groovy, Ilebaye advised Beauty to calm down as she was taking things too far. Beauty who was in vawulence mode then transferred her aggression to Ilebaye by removing her wig and talking straight at her face before others intervened. Beauty fights Ilebaye and Bryann almost got a taste of her anger too.

Ilebaye (agent of peace) didn’t react or say a word. But how long will peace prevail? How long until vawulence takes over?

Vawulence can only be contained but cannot be stopped or avoided – Unknown Einstein.

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