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The situationship between Beauty and Groovy is wrecking a lot of havoc even though they haven’t clearly defined their relationship.

During the early hours of this afternoon after lunch, Ilebaye and Beauty clash again in the Garden over “unwashed dishes”, this argument had many of their fellow housemates in  Level 2  diagnosing as being very far removed from the Kitchen and cleanliness. BBNaija Season 7 Housemates

BBNaija Season 7 Housemates

Let us recall that the duo earlier had a disagreement in the early hours of Sunday that earned Beauty a strike and Illebaye a warning. The uproar started when Beauty responded to a call by Ilebaye for Housemates to wash their dishes after eating. When Ilebaye told Beauty to “shut up”, the latter took exception.

Christy O while having a heart-to-heart conversation with Ilebaye stated that she had overreacted to Beauty’s statement and it felt like she was attacking her. She also said she feels Beauty may have an issue with Ilebaye because she thinks she has a crush on Groovy. Ilebaye responded by saying she could never have a thing with him, not even outside the House.

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Amaka and Phyna also had a sisterly conversation with Beauty, they were also of the idea that the fight was about Groovy. The duo advised her not to let her feelings for Groovy cloud her judgment.

“The cause of all of this is that Ilebaye has a crush on Groovy; that’s what’s spreading in the House. If you keep reacting like this, it will seem like you’re into him much more than he is into you. You’ll look like a troublesome girlfriend. Remember who you are. You are Miss Nigeria 2019,” they told her.

A while later, Beauty had a tense conversation with Groovy under the duvet where she warned him to never mention her name in any conversation with Daniella and Ilebaye again.

“I get that Daniella and Ilebaye are your friends, but don’t mention my name when you are with them. I don’t know about Daniella, but I am done with Ilebaye. I am done,” she told him.

She also mentioned that it was best they do not sleep in the same bed again which led to  Groovy apologizing profusely and saying “he would make sure today’s events never happen again.  I feel like you are overthinking this thing, but I am going to set boundaries. Things will be different I promise,” he said.

The BBNaija Level Up season 7  has given us a lot of drama, and we hope for many more.

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