bigbrothertitans #bbtitans #bbtitans2023 TROUBLE IN KANATSI VILLE | KANAGA TSATSI SHADES | THABANG SHAKES KJ…


  1. There is this bond between Thabang & Tsatsii. Tsatsii & Ipy has been friends since the beginning of the show, hence why they wrote there letters to each other. As for KJ & Tsatsii, they will be fine❤️

  2. I remember kanaga &tsatsi talking about not to forget why there are here,how tsatsi is wrong,she is playing a game and kanaga is jealous,I don't blame him,Thaban wants to destroy this 2 has built all along

  3. Tatsi always disappoints when we expect her to stand with Kanaga. May I never have someone as Tatsi as close friends, such a selfish person.

  4. Thanks Kanaga l love you and Tsatsi wrote for Kj Thabang told her Ipeleng wrote for her and decided to change for lpeleng bcause his jealous of hearing what Tsatsi was going to say to Kj

  5. Thabang must leave Kanatsi pls!We were waiting for Kanaga to Tsatsi AND Tsatsi to Kanaga letters😂Now he made Tsatsi think of "Veto power" and change her letter to Ipeleng 😂But i like it,Tsatsi is definitely to the finale💃💃💃

  6. It's for paddy not lovers y all shud let tsatsii rest it didn't change d fact dat tsatsii n kj are not in good place. As for blue, oli also norminated Blu. it's d game period

  7. Pls l want all Nigerians to vote Kanaga pls l don't know him but pls don't fight about Yemi just vote and l'm going to vote to .Thabang has got fiance but wants to destroy others relationship and Khosi is going to regret after the show playing with Yemi because of that snake l wish Yemi go back to Blue

  8. I'm saying again Thabang is long time jealous of Kj and wants to destroy this relationship and he destroyed Yemis but Tsatsi will regret at the end.Thabang when he saw Kj and Tsatsi he sang this song(uyohla uhleli engqondweni yam uyinto yonke kum nakuwe) that was Thabang song unfortunately Kj don't understand isixhosa

  9. Kj did "do me , I do u" in his presentation. What was tsatsi expecting? She directed hers towards ipeleng, I support kj with one cow for doing what he did. He never disappoints

  10. Thabang's strategy is to destroy ships and make sure d camera is on him. He is not interested in any girl in dat house.

  11. The thing is no one gave black boy water so kj gave it to him
    We know they talk about it before they sleep 🤣🤣🤣

  12. But Olivia nominated kaniva before. She even nominated thabana also. So Olivia also nominated her friends. It's a game

  13. It's not that deep, you can write to a friend and not necessarily a love interest
    Blue didn't write for Blaqboi
    Khosi didn't for Yemi
    Ipe didn't for Lukay or Miracle and so on

  14. Lol. The reason Kanaga change the name to blaqboi was because she wrote to Ipeleng instead of him. We lknow Tsatsi is after the veto saving😂 for her it the game first

  15. We found out from Thabang that Tsatsii initially wrote for Kanaga Jnr but when Thabang told Tsatsii that Ipeleng wrote for her hence why she changed. She wasn't even reading from the notebook it was from the heart.

  16. Thabang sickens me as he is in everybody's business. He should keep away from Tsatsii and Kanatsi ship. I don't like him. A real snake in the green grass.

  17. Yah shame the speech was for Tsatsi changing it to be Blagboi's but iys fine ,after we see them together eating n kissing ,hide in the carboard kising which means they a fine

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