1. I don't feel comfortable around the younger ones because of fear of being disrespected and called old fashioned. Even though you can learn one or two with them I still don't feel up to it. The ladies are fighting for attention and levels. They should came clean before each other

  2. Brunch outfits are meant to be very simple. More or less official casual outfits. You can actually look simple yet classy!

  3. I feel Comfort will not mind about the age difference, she just behave like the typical hausa lady who doesn't show too much skin and doesn't party in public. Please don't quote me wrong am not saying that hausa ladies don't party or show skin but their culture

  4. Because Comfort understands that age doesn’t mean a thing does not mean that her subconscious understands it too 😂 what I understand about “Brunch Fashion” is that it’s basically dress to the nines like you are going to have tea with the Queen. Look classy Elegant and sophisticated. Everyone looked the part except for Arafa, her description that Tutupies outfit looked like an atilogu costume just because it was made from Ankara is really silly because Tutupie was definitely giving southern belle in African print. Arafa looked like she came there straight from the club 😂

  5. I get what you're saying about comfort and Arafa but for comfort she's mature and careful about what she shares about her life, her being a lawyer have a lot to do with it too.. Lol.. Arafa also chooses what she shares maybe to safeguard herself.

  6. They're doing too much. I also feel They're being fake particularly OJ. Gloria, I am waiting to see how "better" they are than RHOL

  7. Personally I feel the brunch fashion is alot, it should be simple yet chic,but oh well,To answer your question if my age group is at the party then I will hang with my age group and leave the young ones to do their thing.

  8. Tutu is all that in real life. She shouldn't defend anything please. Plus the abusive relationship has to do with one celebrity (won't mention) ask Google. She will step on anyone who isn't financially kissing her ass.

  9. I just feel they are all doing too much , I thought it was a reality show , so is this the way they dress on a norms ???

  10. To answer your question Glory, if I was the only older person in the midst of the youngies, I would be uncomfortable but if I had my age mates around in the same party, then I would not mind. I would have me some fun😂

  11. Because of different weather conditions, it should be a light flowy dress, jackets, and other light attire but stylish

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