Tension as Beauty Recieved Her first Official Strike

Following the end of the Sunday live show, the housemates were asked by big brother to gather at the lounge to address the bad manners, and incivility of the housemates that were involved in a fight the previous day.

After the vawulence that ensued between Level 2 housemates Beauty and Ilebaye the previous night, the involved housemates were called to order for defying the rules of the game.

The meeting kicked start with Biggie displaying footage of the ladies involved in the disagreement even before he starts to address them.

After the housemates were shown the footage, He starts to address them for flouting the Rules of the Game.

In his words, “It seems to Big Brother that you may have forgotten your reasons for being in the House. For those who may have had a lapse in memory countless Nigerians young and old had the desire to make it into the House and thousands had the courage to apply in hopes that their gamble would pay off. In the end, only 24 were selected. Each of you was selected because of a unique quality that stood high above the thousands that applied.”

He proceeded by saying

“A quality that makes you special. Although Big Brother knows the unique quality that each of you possesses, you can however be assured that the traits that made you stand out will never be good enough to give you a pass and make it okay to disrespect Big Brother and the House Rules that everyone here is expected to abide by.”

Biggie furthermore decided to call the attention of the housemates to some of the rules.

“Article 18 page 18 of the Rule Book talks about Prohibited Behaviour in detail.”

The Big Brother game is one that encourages expression and that violence will never be tolerated. Big Brother quoted that any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed immediately. Violence can refer to self-inflicted violence or violence towards another. Other forms of violence include provocation, goading, bullying, and victimization and these may be punished by Big Brother in any way Big Brother chooses.

Ilebaye and Beauty were made to stand when Biggie was about to pass his judgment.

He stated that

During your disagreement, you both disregarded the above by overstepping each other’s boundaries. In Big Brother’s House there are non-negotiation rules and flouting these are non-negotiable hence the Rule Book was made available to you.

Big Brother also remarked that their actions from the previous night were a total violation of the rules.

Beauty was declared guilty of defying the law because she physically charged Illebaye and decided to physically remove items on her body in a violent manner.

Biggie also told Illebaye that, her part is to understand that when people set boundaries, the boundaries must be respected to avoid situations getting out of control. Illebaye was issued a warning as she played a big role in the gbas gbos that happened earlier.

Big Brother while addressing Beauty gave his final verdict.

“In spite of being heated, approaching another Housemate with the intention of causing physical discomfort or even harm will never be tolerated. For your behavior, Big Brother thereby issues you a Strike. Two more Strikes and you will be Disqualified.

Beauty replied saying “I understand 100 percent” and Big Brother proceeded to tell the rest of the Housemates that they too were not off the hook.

“Dragging your feet when called will no longer be tolerated. When Big Brother calls, you must respond immediately,” Biggie charged.

Will this strike make Beauty a bit calm? Is Beauty meant to apologize to Illebaye?

Watch the video below and let us know what you think


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