Tears as Reality Hits Daniella About Khalid’s Eviction

After the live Eviction show which had Ilebaye and Khalid evicted, there was a series of rollercoaster emotions as some of the nominated housemates that were not evicted were happy, and the others that had a favorite kept feeling all sad.

Daniella being the love of Khalid’s life was the most affected by his eviction. Immediately Khalid’s name was called as the next evicted housemate, She broke down in tears as she got up to give him a heartfelt hug.

The reality hits hard after the show as Daniella disappeared into the bedroom and isolated herself from the remaining housemates. She was seen wailing and crying like a mother that has lost her kids.

Modella walked into the bedroom only to find out Daniella was buried in tears, she tried her possible best to uplift her soul and comfort her. Kess also joined Modella to comfort Daniella and assured her that Khalid will be fine. The reassuring words seem to have an impact as Daniella stopped crying for a while.

Do you think the eviction of Khalid will make Daniella more focused or she will keep herself down? Let us know in the comment section

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