Groovy’s dick is very small, go and check it – Beauty

The aftermath of the Saturday night party gave a lot of rollercoaster emotions as one of our favorite ships that were set to sail eventually head for the rocks.

The whole insecurity started earlier as Beauty keeps warning Groovy against moving close to any other female housemates particularly chomzy. Let us recall that Groovy confessed to having a crush on chomzy who were seen dancing so closely at the previous week’s party.

Beauty started nagging after last night’s party basically because she caught Groovy still dancing with Chomzy against her warnings. Meanwhile she was seen rocking and dancing with other guys but she clearly made it known that Groovy isn’t permitted to dance with any other person

Her recent outrage has made a lot of people to even decide that her insecurities and bad attitudes might get her disqualified if she’s not careful.

Beauty also made mentioned that Groovy sucked her boobs, touched her vagina, kissed her, and has done many things.

” Groovy has touched my vagina , he has touched the wetness, he has sucked my boobs. He can say that i am feeling insecure , he is a bastard. I said wat i said.”

” Groovy dick is very small, go and check it”

Although this behavior of hers can be termed back to the excessive alcohol she had taken earlier.

Watch videos below

Earlier, The duo were caught on camera doing kinds of stuff, watch the video below

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