Summary of Biggie’s mega Thursday Night Pool Party

As a result of winning the previous weekly wager, The Level 2 Housemates were granted the honor to party hard at Biggie’s weekly mega Thursday Night Pool Party.

All the Housemates with an exception of Phyna and Groovy were seen jamming to the beats provided by Big Brother. Phyna and Groovy who had earlier had their sour grape portion following the aftermath of the task decided to show love to other housemates during the party.

Groovy danced with Modella while Phyna also danced with Kess. The dance didn’t end with Modella alone as Groovy moved to Amaka. Amaka who has been crushing on Groovy saw this avenue as a dream come through and decided to grab the opportunity with the brightest and the biggest smile we have ever seen on the platform.

Daniella was sighted looking very lonely while all the others were enjoying the party, this is basically because her partner Khalid has been evicted from the big brother’s house. Groovy who had noticed loneliness in Daniella decided to comfort her. She revealed a secret saying that she has someone outside the House that she likes. This revelation got us raising eyebrows as we are starting to think there is someone aside Khalid outside the house as she has refused to mention names. Phyna interrupted the conversation as she moved toward Groovy to Give him a very deep passionate kiss.

Bryann also shot his shot on Modella AGAIN!!!. It seems as if Bryann doesn’t take rejection because of the countless times he has tried to win Modella.

In summary, The Level 2 Housemates came with full vibes to the Night Pool Party. Drinks were had, secrets were shared and the amount of PDA and booty shaking, we were spoiled for choice as to who to focus on. One thing about the BBNaija Level Up Housemates, is they know how to turn up!

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