Shegz asks Bella how often they will have sex + Video –

Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate Shegz has asked his housemate and lover Bella how often they would have sex if they got married.

Below is the conversation.

Shegz: So how often are we going to have sex in a week?

Bella: (Looking shocked) What kind of pointless question is that?

Shegz: Aren’t you an adult?

Bella: I don’t understand. How do you ask to have a time frame?

Shegz: I don’t know if you will tell me once every three months.

Bella: (laughs) Do I seem like that kind of person?

Shegz: Yes, it is possible.

Bella: (Answers his question) Anytime.

Shegz: Promise? Because, I’m going to fire every day oo.

Bella: But why would you want to every day? You want to kill me? It’s not every day.

Shegz: You get a break when your period comes.

Bella: Not every day.

Shegz: Okay, about 3 or 4 times a week?

Bella: I really love you. It will be very natural.

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