Saturday Night pre party vibes

After the major defeat of the level 1 housemate at the Wager task presentation, the Housemates have been really calm. Losing the game brought the Level 1 Housemates into some sort of reflection.

While Bella and Chomzy were having a conversation earlier, Giddyfia stated that he was dumbfounded by the performance of the level 2 housemates considering that they always seem very disorganized and incapable of working as a team. Everyone at the table accepted their defeat and acknowledge the level 2 housemates had performed better and they deserve to win the Wager prize. They were also in doubt as to if they will be allowed to have access to the party room since they lost the Wager task.

A breath of hope brewed in them when the HoH Eloswag was sighted in the bathroom washing his shoe and this act made some of the housemates believe he may have info from Biggie about the fate of the Level 1 Housemates and the Saturday Night Party.

Meanwhile, the level 2 housemates got a brief from Biggie informing them about the Saturday Night Party and basically telling them to get prepared. They were really thrilled and quickly started preparing to rock the night.

Fortunately for the Level 1 Housemates, they also got their confirmation from Biggie that they will be at the party and they immediately started to get ready for the party.

We are sure the vibes on the dance floor will be great.

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