Sadness hits Level 2 as They Refused to take their Wager loss well

Housemates of level 2 after the loss of the weekly wager task presentation were agressively sad. In particular, Bryann was the most annonyed as he kept ranting that their own presentation was better than level 1 presenation. Losing the task came with having less food in the house, when the housemates realized they will have to struggle for food the sadness hits home as complains keeps flying over and over.

Christy O describes her shock as she hadnt expect the level 1 to win the wager task. She stated that she couldn’t understand the rules of their game and was eventually lost. Amaka who also seemed sad also weighed in on the feedback that Level 2 got from Sheggz during the Weekly Wager Presentation about their game, saying that his views were not accurate.

Daniella who feels exhausted after hearing the constant rant begged that they should stop complaining and allow the level 1 enjoy their win. Bryann kept ranting and refusing to give the complains up which eventually made Kess walked out the room angrily.

Kess eventually walked out of the rook when Bryan’s irritation escalated, with Daniella rubbing her face with her hand.

In case you missed it, watch the weekly sports task wager here and let us know what you think

Watch Bryann venting and ranting here

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