Problem as Groovy and Beauty Love Story Returns to the mud.

The level 2 housemate Beauty and Groovy‘s ship that was meant to sail is eventually heading for the rocks after a heart-to-heart conversation where the beauty Queen opens up to him about how her ex cheated on her.

Last night after their big win of the weekly wager and task presentation, the two whom the audience have been rooting for had a heartfelt conversation leading to Beauty telling Groovy that she doesn’t want to hang around him anymore.

She stated that Groovy does not acknowledge her in public, and even though they have no underlying issues, it’s best she stays away for a while.

Various Level 2 Housemates have different opinions on Beauty’s reaction:

  • Phyna suggested the kiss she shared with Groovy caused the issue.
  • Amaka stated that Beauty ‘marks’ people when they get too close to her heartthrob.
  • Khalid questioned whether they had created boundaries in their relationship.

Groovy was deeply hurt by Beauty’s words and was hoping his eyes can perform some magic that will make Beauty change her mind, but as it is, Beauty is not planning to back down from her decisions.

Beauty and Daniella also argued last night, and to our surprise, Groovy was seen caressing Daniella’s legs today right after Beauty and Daniella ironed out their issues.

And that brings us to a final question of “is Groovy a playboy?”

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