1. To be honest sometimes silent is the best answer because you are not the first to receive or get that type of message neither will you be the last,before you make a decision that will affect you because of some individuals

  2. Na mumu dey worry all of them… Untop man wey no go still marry u at the end of the day..go and ask from liquorouse😂😂 mumu of high other

  3. The people dragging Phyna are combined fans that their faves didn’t win, Phyna wins shock them they didn’t see it coming

  4. Phyna is clearly a frustrated winnner, leave Beauty alone she is not responding. Phyna is eating Beauty's left over and vomit Groovy😂😂😂😂

  5. Yes fans may be different from their fav but the fav has responsibility to call their fans to order and dissociate themselves from trends that go over board like death threats or targeting family members rather than remaining silent. To some extent a celebs public posture attracts like minds. Birds of a feather flock together.

  6. This world …beauty and Phyna are being stressed with the matter when the man in question groovy is just quiet and said his peace the guy said he is with Phyna and upto date they're still together…so fans beauty and Phyna should just keep quiet…..Phyna continue enjoying your wins (the mulla and your handsome man) beauty continue your birthday preparation and enjoy your life in peace

  7. The said fav should advise her fans because she is well aware of all they are doing.
    Groovy ended things with Beauty so I don’t understand why anyone is pained. They were not married for goodness sake, only two weeks of toxicity. Groovy moved on to Phyna and in any case Beauty said Groovy no reach the guys she dey roll with outside. They should leave Phyna alone.

  8. I really wish people can stop tagging beauty with groovy,I really hope this fans can just focus on their fave respectively,my own is that the troll will continue o whether Una talk from now till tomorrow, or even yul Edochie new wife till now still Dey collect insults and treats

  9. Marine stop dat…no BeeNavy wants to see groovy wit beauty sef,we BeeNavy dragged beauty wen d issue started sef but as a family we embraced her after d disqualification only for agbero to continue abusing beauty…but beauty came out and say henceforth nobody should troll and not match energy (negative)

  10. Beanavy has being dragging PHYNA since while she was in the house. We saw all derogatory images they used to represent Phyna. They go tire las las

  11. If Beauty is that big as she claims then let her do the needful because it will take her just a tweet to call her fans to their senses. She is actually still pained that PHYNA won money and Groovy still chose hero over Beauty. Beauty go and face the man who dumbed you for phyna

  12. Why is phyna dating Groovy a problem ?? I don’t like this ,Groovy came to meet this girl not she forcing herself on him ,allysyn moved to Hermes ,adekunle moved to daniella,amaka moved to giddifia even when she knew Diana was involved Nigerians should stop this hypocrisy ,beauty ended it with Groovy ,beauty fan thought phyna is not a good match for Groovy that’s bad everyone has there taste ,people who are married today didn’t get married to the one they really love from the onset circumstances or situation made them get married to them

  13. Please just see your comments and see the amount of Phyna's fans still dragging Beauty over Groovy. Beauty doesn't want Groovy so please leave her alone

  14. A 2 weeks relationship that dipped because of a woman ‘s act of violence and abuse. Should the man remain miserable and alone after they break up?

  15. Honestly, Phyna is personally dragging Beauty. Most fans are toxic. The dragging started when Phyna cried that Beauty ignored her at the party

  16. Phyna is getting death threats and dragging and this Groovy is the causing chaos btwn friends and he is so quite acting all innocent, he is the biggest manipulator and hypocript, he wanted Chomzy as well bt she rejected him and crawl back to Phyna he is pissing me off, wish Phyna can see right through him

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