Plot Twist as Nomination Night turns Immediate Eviction Night

POV: It was all a ruse to evict Amaka!

Briefly, after Dotun was announced the Head of House, Ebuka briefed us about tonight being an eviction night. Back into the house,

Big Brother called Chomzy into the diary room for nomination and explained tonight is a different night as eviction is going to follow immediately.

Below are the nominations:

Chomzy nominates Doyin and Amaka (She asked if she could nominate three after Big Brother had said nominate two housemates.)

Chizzy nominates Eloswag and Bella  (he was straight to the point)

Giddyfia nominates Chizzy and Amaka (person wey dey crush on you oh)

Rachel nominates Hermes and Deji (our own Hermes ohhh)

Adekunle (enters the diary room humming ‘Last Last na everybody go chop breakfast’) nominates Doyin and Amaka (Be like Amaka tenure don dey go to an end oh!)

Hermes (baba dey talk too much, no one asked for a reason just drop name) nominates Doyin and Chichi (make Doyin no go home yet, another chance go come!)

Sheggz nominates Chizzy and Diana

Bella nominates Adekunle and Chizzy

Diana (she active die 😂😂) nominates Chichi and Deji (make them dey go their couples outside abeg!)

Chichi (how’s she talking?😎) nominates Adekunle and Allyson (se mama no go cry again like this 😢)

Bryann nominates Eloswag and Amaka (Amaka disappointed him or what?)

Doyin (shouting oh God oh God then Jesus Christ) nominates Rachel and Chichi Adekunle (the fear in her face, confirming her nomination, fear made her say Rachel and Oh my God 😂😂 then Rachel and Adekunle – only if she knew they’ve nominated her)

Deji nominates Hermes and Doyin (omo Doyin again? wetin she do you na? person wey no fit talk 😒😒)

Eloswag nominates Amaka and Doyin (wetin Doyin do yin? Ah Doyin 😪😫)

Groovy nominates Adekunle and Doyin (it’s well…lol)

Phyna nominates Adekunle and Hermes (Adekunle sef get haters small)

Daniella nominates Hermes and Chichi (Hermes no dey go anywhere abeg – he’s bigger than Big Brother himself)

Amaka nominates Giddyfia and Chomzy (doesn’t look like a good choice to me… anyways she fit rethink when she comot Big Brother house)

Allyson (cry baby) nominates Rachel and Chizzy (na riders this one see nominate – e go be oh!)

Dotun (my head of house) nominates Rachel and Amaka (lol Amaka doesn’t even stand a chance)

Overall we wish their choice of nomination was based on competition rather than their emotions and conflicts.


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