Phyna set to sign Big Brother Naija endorsement deal

phyna #groovybbnaija #bbnaijaseason7 #bbnaijalevelup Phyna is about to sign the Big Brother Naija endorsement deal.


  1. Tell me y I go hate dis babe wen I said she is my heartbeat I was not lying arh yesterday eh I cried lyk mad but my phyphy is always making me proud
    Love ❀️ u my heartbeat

  2. Phyna Is A Real Actor Phynono After You Na You.Pls Don't Use That' Slang Again . Nobody Will Cry Ijmn πŸ™. There Is Pawer In The Tongue .So Be Positive πŸ’• You Always

  3. She been signing set to shoot and post! Last time i checked she said she had more than 5 deals SIGNED onthe space. She is now shooting content to announce them

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