Phyna in the wild, why Groovy and Chomzy are spotted together in white matching outfits, all the same

Your favorite celebrity news update, Big Brother Naija season 7 winner.


  1. I went through the videos of the brand you will see some videos of guys and ladies who are not couples. Even married men and women who did the video with another man/ woman. So people should leave Phyna and Groovy alone after all Phyna is not complaining. She rather encourages him to work and bring the money. She is also working with men in the skits. And nobody complain, why that of Groovy.

  2. Phyna is very smart, take it or leave it, it takes a very understanding girl or woman to allow this. Although she and Chiomzy are very close, I know that Chomzy would regret all the nonsense she did while in the house. God bless your soul Phyna.

  3. Am not interested, but I will be voting for Phyna anytime had it been the advert was for Groovy and Phyna I would have applied but since Phyna the winner is not there I not be applying I'm only 4 winner Phyna the winner Phyna the best of the best Phyna the greatest of all-time to the world anytime

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