Phyna explained in an interview today why she did what she did, without caring about anyone, including…

Your favorite celebrity news update, Big Brother Naija season 7 winner.


  1. Go and listen to phyna's interview with uche mmaduagwu she said she did not grant any interview with punch and that she did not do any abortion

  2. I love you my baby Phyna no matter what happened or happens. NO ONE is perfect in this world. I just pray that Groovy supports her on this matter.

  3. But this issue didn't start today, as they asked her during the interview, should she refused and she explained why she did what she did because hypocrites dragging her for no reason, even if PHYNA is asleep she will still be dragged so let those castigating her go to blazes. Tommorow they will have something to drag her about. As for the family you talk about which is the PHYNATION will never desert her, if she hasn't say it maybe an ex boyfriend might come to drag her with it tommorow, imagine the ex that maltreated her coming back after she won the show someone like that might use it on her tommorow so I don't see anything she said wrong during the interview. It's not new ever since she said it in the house they have been dragging her with it. PHYNA God almighty is on your side and all this hate is because of GROOVY and God will see you through

  4. Eddy she is speaking her truth. Will she come nd be telling lies again? Its better this way. To clear her situation and d reason. Besides it serves as a lesson to other people. U pple should not be looking at things one sided. D tym u pple ll appreciate what she did is coming. Me and u does not even matter in dis case. It's bw her and God. Some ple confess such things in church as well. Mpho from bbm confessed d same thing and today she is married to her hm. Alex confessed d same, she is alive today. One other person said it too and today she has moved on.

  5. I don’t see anything phyna said bad ooo, that is her truth and she has said that in the Bbn house. Tiwa sex video surfaces online, empress also. All this one go pass

  6. Gender base violence and poverty is a disease in Africa and we have systems that enables such things to happen to our young girls and instead of society to fix the problem they will tear down the victim. May God bless Phyna with all her heart desires what she went through really made her stronger and the love she is getting is the God turning her tears to tears of joy. If Groovy is not the man for may he not add one more pain to her and leave we won't judge him Phyna only deserve a man that would be matured enough to see the diamond she is.

  7. Never judge anyone, she said what she said and we move🤷‍♀️. That is what you call an integrity, any man that love her truly will stand by her.
    As she said, larger percent of ladies/women are guilty of this🙄🤦‍♀️.

  8. We love her irregardless. God loves you and has forgiven. It's your story it's your testimony, it's your life. Your bold for saying that,many girls are reading this and dying inside because they have concealed something that is eating them up everyday but you have spoken about it publicly. I know that you will be an encouragement to many that is keeping silent about this.Love you my diamond 💎. The world is vast and big always remember that.

  9. Me also I do abortion at the age of 17 the same first reason phyna give but I regret it but will learn for our past may Allah forgive all🙏🙏

    Me too I really want phyna to calm down am really against this talk

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