Phyna and Chomzy fight in the presence of Groovy

Frankly speaking with glory Elijah Today big brother naija Credit and copyright held by big brother naija Big brother naija is…


  1. My sister thanks for the clip, Phyna will survive and win the show, its unfortunate the dirty game, groovy is playing using those girls emotions

  2. This person ranting over this video shouldnt be unfortunate if you lack comprehension you ask for explanation fool dont abuse KING GROOVY again because groovers will serve you your own medicine be guided

  3. Chomsy is not making any sense at all. What is she even saying? What is the statement that comes with it??? What an empty brain🤪🤣

  4. men do this all the time….support whichever women they believe is the strongest…it doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong…they'll support who is the Alpha at the moment….Before, Groovy was saying "Who tf is Chomzy?" Now he's nearing her because she's winning tasks smh…this is just typical men behavior…smh…Survival of the fittest though…It makes sense….if we are living in the wild in this tough society…smh.

  5. Groovy used to be one of my favorite infact him and phyna now…. I dislike the guy my focus is on phyna alone he should go to hell he’s a damn coward…

  6. This Chomzy no get sense,I don't no why I hate this girl,even groovy you don't have sense true, Don't worry you are going home, groovy too you day that house is because of phyna Fan's if not you for go home since,

  7. I just can't love the voice over less. However, why is Phyna lamenting. She get what she bargained for. Have said it before that whatever she shared with Groovy will end up in premium tears .

  8. Phyna is my girl and I don't wanna hear nothing of her she is rude
    Then groovy say phyna is rude
    She swearing phyna she pissed me off 😠😠😠😠😠

  9. If Chomzy goes home on Sunday, so be it. Nobody will be in Biggie's forever.
    She has nothing loose. So far she is the richest housemate.

  10. That's a big lie. Groovy and Chomzy has liked each other from the day one. You IDOT too. What has Groovy done. Enough of all this insult on Groovy please. Are they supposed to be doing levels again. Phyna's pains is bc Chomzy won the task yesterday but you guys are not saying the truth.

  11. I think phyna is jealous of chizy because she keeps winning and secondly her man Grovy is also getting to her, so it's only natural for her to vent like this when it comes to chomsy her around rivalry. Remember that Her love interest Eloswag rejected her because of the same Chomzy.

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