1. Them go hear am ,dey don start waiting Them no go fit finished, my phyna babe, na woman u be, i love u live my dear, them no no fashion who deyyyyyyyyy

  2. The Love i gat for you this phyna always increase every seconds, please Phyna let me know if you need supporter to beat them on the show, am available 不不不不

  3. Who cannot love her sweet soul haters are crying cause they never thought she will make GOD plan with her is killing this dark heart people o .

  4. Phyna the WINNER and goddess of wealth. Ride on baby girl.
    All the haters you all have heard what Phyna said, so get ready to hug transformer.

  5. Phyna my darling, keep being you because haters are pained because of your progress and their fav has nothing to offer.

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