Love on the Brain as Doyin Admits She has Emotions for Sheggz

Love on the Brain as Doyin Admits She has Developed Emotions for Sheggz – Big Brother Naija’s Level Up housemate, Doyin while sitting with Sheggz and having a one-on-one conversation didn’t hesitate to express her feelings towards Him, putting prejudices aside.

Doyin admitted that she has recently developed feelings for Sheggz owing to the fact that she really likes him and would have pursued him further if he hasn’t earlier declared his open affection for Bella, a fellow housemate.

Doyin admitted that Bella is a stumbling block keeping Sheggz away from her and she also made mentioned constantly entering Sheggz personal space if it wasn’t for the Roadblock(Bella)

This was how the conversation went

Doyin: I really like you, I’ve only stayed away from you because of Bella

Sheggz: hmmm hmmmm

Doyin: If you didn’t have any relationship, I’ll be in your space every time

Let’s recall that Sheggz and Bella appeared to be serving us premium romantic content and thus overtaking other couples as the audience’s favorite couple.

Sheggz appeared to be having a ”Love me I love you” session as He revealed to Chomzy his affection for her and his interest in Bella. Sheggz admitted that he liked Bella because of her sweetness, humor, and charisma.

This information was revealed by Sheggz after Chomzy commended Bella’s beauty.

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