Level 2 Housemates win the first Weekly Wager – BBNaija

Level 1 Housemates of the bbnaija season 7 had the opportunity to jumpstart this week’s task presentation and Weekly Wager.

The first round started with Allysyn and Doyin setting the stage on fire with their acting skills. Allysyn started by screaming “I have arrived”.  Adekunle with a British accent and a sunshade was also seen acting as a “hooker” that hooks up fellow housemates with pretty girls and plenty of drugs. Basically, their act portrayed the dangers associated with drugs and objectifying women.

Level 2’s task presentation started with the drummer, the poet, the artist, and the rapper who were Christy O,   Daniella, Bryann, and Khalid respectively.

Bryann composed a song after Daniella performed a poem. Khalid was finishing up a painting he started in the Living Room earlier in the day. He drew a painting of the Big Brother eye, and their showcase earned them the first 20 points of the evening.

The level 2 housemates KessPhynaAmaka, and Cyph came on stage to start their own task presentation portraying and driving the point of Feminism and the importance of “women supporting women”.

The talented level 1 housemates HermesEloswag the dancer, Chomzy, and Chichi came are next with an interesting exhibition showing off some acting skills. Although after that round of presentations,  Biggie stated that he hoped to see more from Chomzy and Chichi, and that act earned them no points. Round two, therefore, had no winner.

The atmosphere became tenser as It was left to each group of third-round performers to earn them the next points.

Giddyfia acted as the commentator and welcomed Bella the fashion model in her butterfly shoes. He then welcomed the rapper Sheggz with his backup dancer, Diana  who was only twerking for him while Sheggz keeps repeating the  rapped word  “I need my mommy.”

The level 2 housemate  Beauty served banging energy with a banging drum and a vibing Groovy and Pharmsavi. The four then skipped to a skit, with Ilebaye introducing us to her actress side. Their message “your dreams are valid” was portrayed loud and clear and they were accorded the winners of the third round.

The final round involves showcasing their house song, the Level 2 housemates didn’t disappoint as they came on stage showcasing their House song with bursting energy, living up to the message of their song. “Energy, energy, opo, opo” the group chanted, led by an even more energetic Phyna. This is the anthem that won them the first Weekly Wager, earning them 1500 Pocket Naira to shop for some luxuries tomorrow.

The Level 2 Housemates were overjoyed by their first win after losing the Head of House Game last week. Level 1 Housemates were the winners, making Eloswag the first Head of House.

Biggie is a nice Big Brother, and in association with the headline sponsor Pocket, got cakes for both Houses to enjoy after the Task Presentation.

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