1. It’s very obvious the lady in this video doesn’t like Beauty.

    Bruhh easy with the hate, someone taking a business class or economy is there decision and shouldn’t be paining you like this fr

  2. Most Nigerians live a fake life, Phyna is wise, use your money for things useful and not to impress anyone. I have seen people buying very expensive things and later this same people are coming to borrow money from me. Phyna invest your money, you know where you are coming from .

  3. The person that say phyna's name should not be mention where beauty's name is being mention but the statement wouldn't have been completed without that name"phyna" they should rest

  4. Beauty na chic, n she knows how she rolls. But why is Beauty even going on a trip with them? doesn't her disqualification count? This show na just gig. Plus make their show ups contracts with multichoice end abeg so dey can all go n leave their seperate real lives in peace.

  5. No photo of the day? It would have been Phyna in that her indian look photo.
    Well, who has even thought that Beauty may have boarded business class so as to avoid any altercation between Phyna and her, or unnecessary drama and careless comments around her, Phyna and Groovy. Chichi's own was claimed to be needing comfort, maybe it was show off, but that's still ok

  6. All those silly housemates dat book business class on an all expenses paid trip should also pay all their spendings in d SA trip nahh. Yeye dey smell. So Pepsi should pay for business class for an empty brain like Chichi, and a disqualified housemate like BEAUTY?? 🤣🤣🤣 Please

  7. It’s not just Beauty that took Business Class ….chichi, Sheggz and Bella did tooo so let’s not stressed on Beauty own alone please

  8. KAISHA really needs help. I met her sometime back in a church youth programme where she displayed terribly. The church security called the medical team to help her, but she, her boyfriend & her younger sister refused, so the security guys had to politely escort them out of the premises for the safety of other youths attending the programme

  9. I always travel business or first class because of the pecks that come with it. Its a preference not an honor. Fans have become sooo petty arguing over nothing. If all housemates opted for a business class the airline would not have been able to accommodate all of them. Probably Pepsi would have been forced to hire a private jet. Sometimes being humble and considerate to those who cannot afford requires a special person.

  10. On Kaisha, may the Almighty grant her quick recovery and it's high time her parents intervened not her peers alone🙏🙏!! This pressure is muchh

  11. SA fans wrre wonderful!! They outdid thrmselves👏👏👏👌👌 bt it's was not only beauty that did buz class, sheggz, bella and also chichi did ( and she announced it to the world)! Phyna is grateful does not mean she couldnt afford to upgrade!!

  12. Menhnnn is it needed to always have rivalry fans on BB show!! This is silly to comprehend!! Mssheew!!Economy fee is 750k – 1.2M now!! Mehnn fans needs to.chill!!

  13. My heart goes out to Kaisha, may she get the needed help. The housemates should do what makes them happy, the comparison by fans is not necessary.

  14. I love pyna life style so she doesn't change to places anyone pyna u a blessed gal don't mind idlers leave people who love fake life omo pyna the ambassador pyna the winner 🥰❤❤❤

  15. I'm just tired of bbnaija and it's fans this year! Why?? If someone decides to fly in first class how does it bother you all to now start dragging and insulting them? Don't these fans get tired of all this negativity? Even big brother USA isn't this toxic. Ahh!

  16. This Beauty gal is not normal being disqualified damaged her upstairs, now she's trying so hard to prove her point, this show-off game of hers will not even guarantee her to enter heaven because God is against people who are arrogant and have pride, God is pleased with a humble soul

  17. Those that upgraded their flights and making noise about it should also endeavour to upgrade their hotels, feeding, city-ride, and keep us posted too.

  18. @Marine, Biko I will join body on top the plane make I for follow reach cape Town. If I don reach,nobody go know how I take Waka. Abeg Marine no make me laugh. Wahala no dey ever finish 😂🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. I don’t understand ooo🤣🤣🤣beauty has been flying on business class… so what’s all this competitions naaa🤣🤣🤣 so fans can’t welcome both housemates abi? Abeg no competition

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