Kanaga Jnr Fans in d Mud ~ Kanaga in Bottom List ~ Nigerians Drag South Africa for Rigging Vote

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  1. Really guys that true kj fans didn't vote,they are alote but Don't votes,I saw that from Monday until Wednesday,the real deserve winner in that show is Khosi,khosi fans are very strong,and khosi she's a best player in that house let be honest,khosi have be up from day one,and always have more voices leave Khosi alone and vote for your fans,Biggy he's not from south africa.

  2. The show is a script not doubt, since yemicregx has left the show has been boring nd now kanaga Jr is among the buttom of 4 this is not jig at all how come this is unfair, anyway it's well but kanaga Jr be in buttom of 4 nonsense

  3. Yvonne is the strongest Nigerians in the house even Ebubu is far better than KJ he is just acting for the camera boring. In Nigeria they say the presidential votes were rigged now they say SA and Biggie rig votes high blood pressure wahala. Vote mbah… rigging is the new word. Just vote 🤣🤣🤣

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