I like my wig Like That – Evicted Fake Housemate Modella

Modella is one of the fake housemates that was evicted during the live Sunday show during one of her media rounds and addresses her wig issues while she answers tough questions from social media.

She responds to questions about Bryann, her role as a Fake HM, and her famous wig. She made mention of rooting for Bryann as She sees him as being strong for the game and that she doesn’t want him to get attached based on the fact that she is a fake housemate. She also responded to one of the questions people have regarding her wig where she clarified that she prefers her wig beyond her hairline because she feels good with that and that if people do not like that they should deal with it.

She added that she was not given enough time to process the information and did not know the role of a fake housemate.

”They auditioned everybody, and before you go into the house, they will tell you what you will be on the show.

”I was getting ready that morning, I had stayed in lockdown for two extra weeks, and I was already depressed. I got a call from them that they want to have a private session with me.

”They informed me I won’t be playing for the money, and I had to make my decision now. Having spent so much and I was prepared, I made the decision.

”I didn’t know prior to now. I didn’t even know the role of a fake housemate. They just told me that morning, and I didn’t have enough time to process everything. I just decided to go to the house and be myself,” she said

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