I am not Ready for a Relationship – Bella to Sheggz

Two of the Big Brother Naija Level-Up level 1 roommate, have been showing signs of intimacy since the beginning of the show.


Sheggz and Bella look like they are on their way to beginning a possible romance in the House! Last night while getting cozy in bed, Sheggz called Bella beautiful and tried to shoot his shot. Without saying many words, Sheggz admitted he is interested in Bella, however, he stated the need for Bella to show him she is open to his advances. Before reposing in bed he stated that “If a girl says to me she’s not down, I won’t go hard. It’s different when someone says hmmm, let me see. It’s enough to think she’s considering it. The woman has to give the man something to hold on to”.

Bella responded by telling him it was a little too early for that conversation. “I’m not ready to do that in this House. You do realize that this is the third day? Also I’m not easy”. Sheggz happily said he was well aware of this fact – and determined that’s the kind of woman he likes; a woman that’s hard to get. Bella didn’t seem to shut Sheggz down and seemed to enjoy their conversation.

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