Hey this drama is premium. how cool it is. as it happens. straight from the oven. Big Brother Naija phyna and Beauty again oh.


  1. Let phyna Enjoy by vibing what ever she wants. Should she stop because of beauty. Phyna Enjoy your freedom. We are tied of this beauty.

  2. Honestly I don't understand why there's so much fight about this matter…someone hyped and said what she said another hm says she dosent agree because 100M is her mate and they want to eat her up…did she call anyone's name please?I haven't touched 100M and I can't say 100M na your mate ,I can't be celebrating poverty in a song…someone hired a yatch worth millions of foreigh currency to celebrate his 60th birthday and nobody is talking ..people should understand that in this life everyone isn't on same level,100M is like 10 thousand naira to lots of people and someone who it's not so for shouldn't expect the former category to stoop to their level. . people should let people live their lives.
    Bbn is over jobless fans should get busy with their lives and stop all this useless fights online Abeg

  3. I want to ask is she the first person to win bbn ,what is all this madness, Esther it's too much for her, she was rubbing it on her enermies face beauty n beauty got the sub n gave it to her , Make she rest, Beauty has handled money before phyna ,wetin be 100 million na u mate she is too local abeg . Na she win make she wait for others to hype her for it not her doing it herself over doings of louding is very childness n classless . Make una no worry Bbn Titan go soon start make Phyna n Beauty rest matter. Kai

  4. You are right that star girl they shade each other phyna is bitter and beauty is also bitter phyna fans are bitter and beauty fans are bitter also

  5. In my frank opinion i think Phyna should stop using that slang and at the same time i don't think she should 100m made her what she is today and as for Beauty she's shouldn't have replied first that hype was not being done on her table second she was born with a sliver spoon if not ….. I reserve that part third that proves all people were saying about her

  6. Beauty is jealous and remember jealousy is Root of hatred 💯 million not new in our ear leave groovy and phyna to enjoy their love in peace.

  7. Star girl u no get am oo. Y would phyna stop saying something that they started even saying in d house? This ll tell u dat beauty is still bitter. This hype is it ist tym she is hearing it. She is just bitter that people still like phyna to hype with her despite all d efforts she makes to cajole HMS to her side to hate phyna

  8. Can someone tell Beauty that her reign as a Miss Nigeria has expired Groovy doesn't like you anymore. Accept that and live happily. You making yourself stupid now.


  10. The only thing I think why is Beauty act like this, is because she never thought phyna and Groovy would still together. Beauty being Beauty, who cares. She thinks she's superior than all the other level up housemates. Phyna must just ignore this nonsense.

  11. Please you all should stop using beauty to make money😹😹😹😹seems you can’t trend without beauty! Get a life you all please!

  12. Why is Beauty the only one who feel offended and why doesn,t do these other housemates feel the same…I think Beauty is bitter.She hype that song and nobody was offended❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦,JennyGemini

  13. Beauty has never been quiet. Okay maybe I should say she was quietly instigating fan wars. But I'm still waiting for her to do more and it's just a matter of time.That's when you all will no her true colour and that she’s even worse than Phyna that everyone is condemning. Phyna please thank you for that promise. Msy God help you to keep it abeg

  14. Hahaha this vawulence song he jig dieeeee😂😂😂😂😂 this early, plenty drama like this. Well I'm waiting for more. For me star girl, phyna cannot dim her shine for anybody. She can say and do whatever she wants to say and do so far she is not harming anybody. Who wan fight should fight herself please

  15. I disagree with your point… She has being saying it right from the house..
    Even level used it has there slogan..to me its nothing no issues there at all. She's just hyping and vibing!

  16. Beauty must rest and make peace with the fact that Phyna won the show and she won their man as well. Beauty has no peace we know her and we've expected this behaviour from her. She needs to work on her mental health. If she has many millions what was she doing in Bbn house with poor people

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