Hermes wins the Head of House (HOH) – Week 2

The competition for the new Head of House (HOH) started at 6 PM while Eloswag stepped down as the HOH.

As usual, we know the HOH competition holds every Monday at 6PM, when the Head of House is known, the losing party becomes the Tail of House automatically.

The host instructed Eloswag of his inability to participate in the competition as he’s the current HOH, also the new two fake housemates were not allowed to participate on the ground that they are new (we strongly believe it was mostly because they’re fake housemates and the smart housemates should know that by now).

The first game was to set the time of 10* wristwatches dipped inside oily substance to 4 PM within 5 minutes – this was particularly difficult as it was oily and slippery. Chomzy was the first to complete the first (pretty smart babe, I mean I expected more from Bryann but we moveeeeee). 

The show went on a brief break while the result is being verified. Hermes on constant tension during this process.

Housemates, unfortunately, some of you failed to adhere to Big Brother instructions therefore Chomzy, and Khalid while both of you finished the challenge the quickest, some of your time are incorrect. Therefore, you’ll not advance to the next stage, kindly return to your seat. Will the following housemates kindly stand up: Dotun, Cyph, Hermes, you all have qualified for the next challenge.

Finally, Dotun, Cyph and Hermes qualified for the next level of the challenge of placing the ball between their legs and taking it to the other side – a mistake will invalidate (such as touching the ball during the transport process) all progress and the contender will have to start all over again. Dotun asked if it was allowed to drop the ball using their Hands – yes they can.

At exactly 6:55 PM, the host instructed the qualifiers to move to their position. The game is on now and tension is going.

Cyph was able to drop his first ball successfully, while others failed. Everyone realized they have to be very careful and patient otherwise there was no way to win the game.

Hermes is taking the lead and there’s a whole lot of tension going on with the housemates – clearly, Hermes owns this game – he’s taking it as gently as he can while everyone chants his ‘Level One’ and ‘Hermes’ name (lowkey his arresters would be proud).

Hermes the drama king started chanting and humming some weird sounds before the result is decided. He still did catwalk (this man is so dramatic)!

Housemates, thank you for playing. The winner of tonight Head of House game is ‘Hermes’

Hermes you’ve won the HOH game for this week, congratulations.

Chichi, you have the worst performance of the evening therefore you’re the tail of the house. Your reward as tail of the house will be shared with another housemate. The housemate with that honor will be Dotun.

Dotun for mishandling your ball during the game you’ll share the reward with Chichi. The tails may return to their seats

Only the HOH will have the power to nominate.

HOH you have 30 minutes to seek advice on who to nominate. When you’re invited to the diary room, Big Brother expects to have 5 names.

Housemates, thank you for participating in tonight’s game.

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