Hermes (HOH) Nominates 5 Housemates for Possible Eviction

After the Head of House game on Monday evening, Big Brother instructed Hermes – the new Head of House to nominate a couple of housemates for eviction within 30 minutes. It was said that he can take ideas, and suggestions from his fellow housemates on who to nominate for possible eviction.

During the wait time, Hermes sat down while his housemates discuss and vote on who to nominate for eviction. On their list, they have Amaka, Phyna, Khalid, Cyph, Beauty, and Kess making the list with the highest votes from fellow housemates.

Hermes is looking like someone who doesn’t care a bit about their choice of selection while he consoles ChiChi who was the tail of the house telling her she did her best.

At exactly 8 PM, Hermes was invited into the diary room, below is the host’s conversation (Hermes’s response not included):

Good evening Hermes, welcome to your nomination session. How are you this evening?

Hermes, by virtue of the HOH, you’ve the priviledge of nominating 5 housemates from level 2 for possible eviction on Sunday.

However, before we proceed your fellow housemates are to advise you on who to nominate.

It’s now time to nominate, please nominate 5 housemates from level 2 and state your reason

Hermes replied with the 5 nominations and why:

Cyph – because we all agreed he’s the strongest, most confident as he made it to the final of the earlier HOH’s game. He’s a threat to myself and my team.

Phyna – because she’s an alpha, confident and being able to voice out.

Christy O – because she’s quiet, vocal and strong (as seen in the task presentation last week)

Amaka – due to the fact that she has a strong voice, and a strong person as agreed by my housemates.

Khalid – I must agree with my team, he’s one of the strongest character and it’s something I must do for myself but Khalid is a threat to myself and my team. Khalid is my bro, my wins and losses are his too and this is a very hard decision for me to make

Big brother then replied:

Thank you Hermes, you may now return to the house.


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