Hannah Chaddha Big Brother 23 Biography and Profile of Houseguest

Hannah Chaddha Big Brother 23 Houseguest

Meet Hannah Chaddha Big Brother 23 Houseguest

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Big Brother 23 Star Hannah Chaddha Biography, Age, City, Occupation, Instagram, Hometown, Profile, and More

When the cast of Big Brother 23 was revealed, we learn more about Hannah Chaddha, a 21-year-old graduate student from Chicago, Illinois, who will be competing for the half-million-dollar top prize this summer.

Name and surname Hanna Chaddha
Age 21
Sex Female
Nationality American
Home town Chicago, Illinois
Current City Chicago, Illinois
Instagram @ hschaddha13
Occupation Graduate student
Hannah Chaddha Big Brother 23 Biography and Profile of Houseguest

Hannah is a 21-year-old graduate student from Chicago, Illinois. She is one of 16 competitors who will compete on Big Brother 23. she describes herself as a “calculated, composed and versatile” person.

His strategy for entering the house is to cultivate personal relationships with everyone in the house. I don’t have to be everyone’s best friend nor do I want to be, but I fully intend to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

He said: “I will have no problem using their weaknesses to my advantage and aligning myself with those whose strengths can make up for my own shortcomings. I don’t want to play week to week, but I want to make sure that with every move I make / contest I win, I use it as an opportunity to prepare for two / three weeks of safety across the board.

I’m not afraid to play hard, mess and bathe in people’s blood, but do it in such a discreet way that the other Houseguests don’t realize what’s going on. I’m going to lie about my occupation and career aspirations because I don’t want other Houseguests to overestimate my intelligence from the start. “

Favorite activities

Dancing, doing fashion / styling, traveling and gorging on real housewives.

Who are your favorite Houseguest duets? The ones who became best friends in the Big Brother house or had a show?

Shows may be nice, but my favorite Houseguest duets are the ones who have become best friends in the Big Brother house. My favorite, favorite, favorite duo of friends of all time is Da’Vonne and Bayleigh because of how genuine, sincere and grounded their relationship was; one could really say that they turned their backs on each other! I also want to give special thanks to Paul and Victor for making their way through those competitions together!

What excites you most about living inside the Big Brother house?

Can’t wait to play and eat, sleep, breathe Big Brother for the summer. I’m excited for the whole Big Brother experience, even being hangovered, taking cold showers, and sleeping in the Have-Not room. My dream was to backstab and blindly catch the other Houseguests to the end.

What do you think will be the hardest part of living inside the Big Brother house?

With the pandemic, my family has become much more important to me, so staying away from them, especially my little sister, will be tough on me.

What’s your favorite past moment in Big Brother?

I love a good blind side! One of my favorite past moments inside the Big Brother house would have to be that of Dan Gheesling who convinced Danielle to veto him and then caught Shane off guard, cutting him right before the final night. Vanessa blindly taking Austin and evicting him from the house in bare feet was also quite iconic. But my favorite past moment outside the Big Brother house is that of Da’Vonne winning America’s Favorite Houseguest, making her the first black winner of the award. I am a huge fan of Da’Vonne and not only was I happy for her, but for me she represented something bigger and bigger in the context of our social climate.

What would you bring home and why?

-My little sister because who else am I going to binge on real housewives with?
-An espresso machine because I’m a HUGE coffee person; it would be wise to stay away from me before I drank my caffeine for that day.
-My music playlists because music has an unrivaled ability to stimulate or calm me in any situation.

Big Brother Curiosities Hannah Chaddha 23 Houseguest

-I have always liked school, especially science and mathematics, and I graduated from university at 19.
-I am a competitive hip-hop dancer.
-I can hold my breath for over 90 seconds.
-I was a personal stylist.
-My parents are from South Africa and India.

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