1. Am not a phyna fan but people should learn to say the truth the way it is,the beenavies are more toxic than than phynation, from IG to twitter to Facebook. This fan base should grow up abeg.. fighting each other on a daily basic for people who do t even know you

  2. What is the significance of a disqualified housemate in the presence of a big brother nija winner,?brooooooo,see how phyna e beauty di glow like miss Nigeria 😂😂s and m,did you notice that hug hug from Groophy? because if Groovy no be do so , wonna for come criticize phyna,I know wonna 😋

  3. Phyna has no rival. She's not called the Elephant for nothing. She a complete package . A Queen indeed. No cap
    🔥 🥰

  4. This phyna and Bella friendship is hmm. Phyna is that person who would vibe with whoever vibes with her, but Bella I don't know.

    Anyways, I love Hermes and ELoswag freestyle dance.

  5. Phyna Bella sheegz and groovy they are bless the big 4 I can’t love them less ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

  6. I mean someone said why is beauty there!Oraimo did not give her gift!! Isn't she ashamed to show her face in public! Another said doyin is sticking to beauty becos of money cake! Another said why is beauty talking to sheggz! Anoda said why is groovy dancing at the back of beauty to pepper her!! Another said why is groovy hugging phyna today becos beauty is around!! Anoda said doyin is wicked for ignoring chizzy for beauty!! I mean all are assumptions and people are actually running with it!! Amazing how people cannot think clearly again…just becos of thier Favs!!😳

  7. Hmmm it's very hard nowadays to give a constructive neutral opinion without getting bashed by fanatics stans tht just go about throwing tactless insults…

  8. Phyna the goddess of bbniaja session 7 show,she that won the man that made a miss Nigeria to be disqualified and also won the 100 million, baby you jig♥️♥️♥️😂

  9. All these beauty this, beauty that in these comments, I don't understand it, and I see no tension whatsoever, All I see is all housemates having fun, some might be avoiding each other, not all of them will be friends but at least they're mature about, the event was so much fun

  10. I thought phyna was looking for Beauty's house to go n beat her? Why didn't she use the opportunity to beat her at the party?

  11. What Beauty did to Groovy was worse thn wht Sheggz did to Bella bt no she is Miss Nigeria we mst bow to her, praising nonsense. Sheggs suffered joor or if it was Groovy done tht to Miss Naija joh hell woul break loose, tht was a trauma to Groovy as well, mst she always be in his face all over like a desperate mosquito

  12. This Beauty desperate to be noticed, you were disqualified gal pls love yourself, being Miss Nigeria did nt give you enough fame i see 🙄

  13. Those phyna fans bashing ppl in this comment section about praising Beauty, what at all is your problem? She made a mistake, has apologized and has paid d price already. Do you want her to hide for d rest of her life? ahh. If you don't like Beauty, you can simply ignore any comments praising her and walk pass, what kind of childish attitude is dat, you guys are even grown up to be doing this over a reality show which has ended already. Move on!!!

  14. Phynation I can see Beauty is pressing y'all's necks she is the odogwu and Beauty moved on from Groovy a long time ago she won't get back with him naaa he's now with the agbero that won so he's still enjoying the 100M with his local babe leave Beauty out of this she doesn't rate groovy at all their thing ended two weeks in the house she got disqualified and so!? I love that she's making big moves Phyna needed the 100M more cos Queen is balling mahn. I'm happy for phyna and groovy Sha I want them to get married

  15. Shark & Marine, thanks so much for this exclusive video update. That's why my love for you guys is purely sincerely heatedly genuine. ❤️❤️ Wahala no dey finish 😂😂😂

  16. Shark & Marine, thanks so much for this exclusive video update. That's why my love for you guys is purely sincerely heatedly genuine. ❤️❤️ Wahala no dey finish 😂😂😂

  17. It's phyna, chichi nd Bella for me. Friendship zone❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. GROOVY and Phyna are not dating, they are friends. The only thing phyna fails to understand is dat Groovy is just a friend to her not a lover. He greets everybody normal, I don't know y phyna is still feeling they are still in d house. Groovy that has a date. She is from the same town with him. Umuoji in idemili north local government of Anambra state, Nigeria… Una want her name too? It will be revealed in due time.

  19. Phyna is the Alpha female of this season and not even your miss Nigeria can come close, your miss Nigeria with fake law degree. Abeg.

  20. Beauty is classy yet fight for two weeks over a man that did not even rate her. Classy ? You people should be ashamed, If classy is fighting and over doing things than .

  21. The world we live in.When Phyna does something wrong it's her character but when other do it's a mistake.Once its a mistake ,however if you repeat it again it's a character. So the way people are hailing Beauty for a changed behaviour,you should cut Phyna some slack she will also change. I pray that one day both of them will sit together and have a meaningful conversation to end all this.

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