Groovy, Sheggz and Hermes have been kicked out of Big Brother Naija Season 7 reality show. Bryann, Bella and…


  1. Hi 👋 brother and sister whosoever that’s reading 📖 this I pray 🙏 your destiny helpers will not have rest until he or she Favour you by God grace and may your talents not be wasted 🙏🙏🥰🥰 much love to y’all ❤️❤️

  2. Segun is a straight up narcissist and rude Bella is in for one hell of an abusive ride..see the way he yanked her face like a rag doll to kiss her..may God help ladies to see red flag n japa like Usain Bolt

  3. Bryhan is the only one that has played these game well the only guy who has been up countless times and yet still survived normally he deserves that moneyyyyyyyy !!!!! Big Baby Brillllll one love brooo

  4. 🙆🙆guys am vibryant but this last nyt eviction was murder….demmm mmmm for real didn't see Hermes go but it s wat it s…happy my brayn s safe

  5. Hello Femi, keep up the good work
    I’m one of Phyna’s fans but believe me the way she’s going now, she’s going to shoot herself in the leg coz of her recent conversations with Bella which is not healthy and a lot of people are beginning to back out. I can clearly see Bryan winning this show, Phyna has lost her head in the game

  6. Am really so happy for Adekunle, moreso my votes didn't waste. At this point, the winner still ain't clear mahn, since the bottom 3 from yesterday's eviction almost took 50%.

    In all, Dekunle made Top 6, Groovy would yet do great outside and Sheggs is out💃. Thanks for the update Femi, you're always on point 👍👌💯

  7. If you voting with your sence you will vote adekunle.get to know the house mate don't follow crowd or vote with emotions I will keep saying this adekunle deserve this if you are not getting this right you can not get things right in this country

  8. Did you vote for Hermes ?? Why today guys you're shocked CZ he was supposed to be voted like Ade fans did without making noise.but now people acting like they work hard for hermes.please stop this

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