Groovy crushes on Chomzy (video)

Chomzy one of the level one housemate has been a subject of discussion between the level 2 housemates as Groovy describes her as a very beautiful person and confesses that she caught his attention during the Weekly Wager Presentation during an interrogation by Beauty.

The Groovy and Beauty ship could be losing steam and Beauty refuse to take Groovy’s confession lying down.

Beauty is starting to feel threatened as she stated that she noticed a spark between the Duo. She also said Chomzy asked about her height which makes her feel a little disturbed asking if that meant they were in a competition to win a man.

Beauty was not having it as Groovy keeps on gushing over Chomzy’s beauty, She stood for minutes interrogating the young man.

She was jealous because Groovy refused to hold her hands when she was trying the public display affection and she assumed it was all because of Chomzy.

Watch video below

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