Groovy & Chomzy’s matching outfits spotted together are causing mixed reactions on social media.

Your favorite celebrity news update, Big Brother Naija Season7 Ex-Housemates, Phyna, Groovy and Chomzy.


  1. Pls, groovy is free to date anyone. He is not married yet. Love a guy who does not love you at your own risk. Groovy loves chomzy from day one.. forget all other stories.

  2. Chomsy and Groovy have an endorsement deal and so they’re contracted to work together. It’s an advert for BGWELLINGTON SUITS they’re both signed to the brand .

  3. People are shipping Groovy and Chomsy because they said both of them are Igbos. And Igbos don't like to marry other tribes. Groovy 's parents are Igbos (Anambra and Imo.) Chomsy is from Imo state. So marriage counselors concluded that the are match made in heaven. Ok Phyna will be free.

  4. Groovy is too global for that nonsense, he can’t disrespect phyna for any girl except if two of them decide to end it, as far as phyna is his girlfriend he will always be loyal

  5. The company knew that signing these two they will get attention from all the fan bases Phynation, bees and credibles also groovers. As a Phynation I really don't have any problem because Phyna is a strong lady she leaves at her own terms. Even in the house Groovy assured her that he went for her and forgot about Chomzy. They are now friends more that Chomzy is with Elo who has been very close with Groovy so for bro code this ship will not sail.

  6. Hmmm Groovy and Phyna will always give haters heartache. I don't know why people will not mind their business because of a commercial shot? Even Phyna said it that when it's time for them to work, they work. Groophy to the world. People should please rest.

  7. I don't think Groovy will leave Phyna because of haters. He can only leave her if he does not love her any more. No condition is permanent. You know people are afraid of Chomsy because she loves him and he also loved her when they were in the house. He also promised her to date her outside. So if people now see them together in a romantic position, they may be anticipating.

  8. The hates are so in a hurry for Groovy to leave Phyna. Calm down haters what I like about these 2 they communicate before they do something. Phyna knows about Groovy and Chomzy they've already spoken and she had allowed it. You know Groovy he likes asking if Phyna would be fine if he does something with a girl before he does something

  9. Eddy and I ask, y now? Calls for more drags for phyna. Groovy is so insensitive is he really into phyna? Besides if it's work, d brand is a hater of phyna. Mek them all kukuma go to their saints mek phyna rest.

  10. 😂😂😂
    Senseless people
    Another season of big brother is here and they are still on phyna matter
    They should leave phyna alone she is not the cause of their problem

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