Big Brother Naija season 7 show is finally here. The big annual reality TV show is set to begin on Saturday, July 23, 2022 and…


  1. U like gbax gbox….lolss.
    U can't wait for d gbas gbos that will come with d reunion abi. Jus tell ebuka to wear helmet o. Or else, the next season ehn ebuka head go resemble Allysyns gorinapa

  2. Groovy no send r, after all what she did she insulted him and everything,he was busy with his fans that night. Any bad energy should stay far away. People b trying to paint groovy bad but we know deep down d person that caused everything

  3. She came out of shelves finally cos groovy is out of the house, in her head she still wants groovy jare, this was same person the very night they entered was saying she does not mind her partner cheating. Saying A n doing B

  4. It's okay if they snub each other. Both have move on with their lives. No need for tthem to pretend to each other.

  5. If i be groovy i we not talk to her again because small quarrel we dey get for the .bbnaija huxs…she not fear dey talk say groovy dick small for public like dat….that is why i love phyna she is too mature for relationship abeg

  6. But i dnt understand why people expect groovy to talk to beauty on what basis, someone that insulted and body shamed a grown up guy on a national tv called him all sort of names all in the name of stupid possession and jealousy for him,.beauty lacks character and manner and also arrogant and thank goodness she broke up with him before her disqualification, no reasonable guy would take such a girl as a friend nevertheless talking to her, but groovy has also cleared the air that he owes her no loyalty, he's already with phyna and happy with her. So if she likes she should snub from now till re union day that's her cup of tea. All i know is nobody should drag groovy and phyna for anything bcoz they're not responsible for her problem. Groophy ship shall sail for good.

  7. I don't understand why should they be together, what to settle. Groovy is with his Princess ppl accept it and move on. The whole back n forth thing is unnecessary and 😴. Groophy we moveeee

  8. Let's be honest please, groovy and beauty is no more together. You don't go back to your vomit 🤮. Life goes on please.

  9. It's NOT ignored per say.Beauty was crystal clear whilst in the House after that last altercation that Groovy in his life should not talk to her again both inside & outside the House. Groovy a gentleman he is maintain the status quo.

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