God have mercy, Phyna issued a public apology after receiving a series of bad messages from haters.

Your favorite celebrity news update, Big Brother Naija Season 7 winner Phyna has issued a public apology.


  1. All this hate on phyna is nothing to us . We have God in our side. So phyna my everything be strong like always and let's just wait for wedding between you and groovy. Period ❤❤

  2. She as pose it , they're jealous of her glory who Cook soup most tatese it before give another person to eat, so the person who which her death we surely die before phyna , for this month of Lent, go and write it down

  3. This people trolled and called Groovy Emanuel, they wished he used Phyna but he proved them wrong. The hatred is more about jealousy and envy because they didn’t think Phyna will be such a BIG name. She’s a child of grace, she radiates good and positive energy. She attracts big and renowned names. No one can dim her light. People should know this and know peace, Phyna chooses Groovy despite anyone’s opinion or wish. They support each other in ways we don’t know. Phyna baby “The Lord is your shepherd…”

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