First Level up Pool Party

First Level up Pool Party – Last night, Level 1 Housemates came complete with drip and guns blazing moves to the first Level Up pool party. Not to be outdone, Level 2 Housemates also held their own party with plenty of ginger and vibes.

Although the #BBNaija Level 2  didn’t get to have a pool party, the Housemates had the time of their lives as they partied in their space and enjoyed a game of Dare, caught a premium cruise, and enjoyed themselves last night.

After getting down to some fantastic music provided by Biggie, Phyna suggested that the House get down to a little game of ‘Dare’ without the Truth part of the game. Her fellow Housemates obliged and this brought about a spicy night in the Level 2 House.

The ‘Dare’ game started with Amaka who was supposed to kiss Cyph but she seemed a bit unsettled by it. Can we speculate that she may have some feelings for him?

Groovy and Beauty also had the spotlight to themselves at some point in the Dare game as they kissed passionately and boy did it linger.😍 Can they just give us a ship already?😅

Bryann then dared Daniella to pick a guy for a bit of romance and she chose him. In true Bryann fashion, he made a show of the whole situation but later confessed that it felt awkward. This was however not the end of the situation between Daniella and Bryann.

Bryann himself was dared to demonstrate spooning and he chose Ilebaye to demonstrate it and went on to choose her for almost all the dares he had to do. At some point, Ilebaye told Bryann not to touch her breasts because they were extra sensitive and there was no spare room in the House. Is there something going on between the two? That much we also would like to know because when bedtime came, Bryann who was in Daniella’s bed, left for Ilebaye’s bed to continue the conversation about sensitive body spots.

Housemates in level 2 had the time of their lives. The girls slayed and twerked away in brightly colored bikinis and shades while the boys brought their shorts out to play. The man of the night was the HoH, Eloswag, who was right where the ladies with blessed behinds were. Another star of the show was Chomzy, who was busting exotic moves.

We have shared videos from the two houses below.

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