Fake Nominations – All Housemates up for Possible Eviction

The Level Up Housemates were called by Biggie to the diary session to nominate two fellow housemates for possible eviction. Unknown to them, their nominations were fake and none of them will be evicted during the Sunday live show.

In their nomination session with Big Brother, the housemates nominate two other housemates in this order

  • Diana nominates Chichi and Sheggz.
  • Racheal nominates Doyin and Sheggz
  • Chichi Nominated Allysyn and Adekunle.
  • Bryann chose to Nominate Chichi and Adekunle
  • Doyin Nominated Hermes and Rachel
  • Eloswag Nominated Doyin and Amaka.
  • Groovy Nominated Adekunle and Doyin
  • Daniella told Big Brother that she would like to Nominate Hermes and Chichi.
  • Amaka Nominated Adekunle and Chichi.
  • Phyna Nominated Adekunle and Chichi
  • Allysyn promptly put Chichi and Rachel up for possible Eviction this Sunday.
  • Bella opted for Hermes and Amaka
  • Adekunle put Sheggz and Bella up for Nominations
  • Hermes chose Chichi and Doyin
  • Sheggz put up Adekunle and Rachel for possible Eviction.
  • Chizzy chose Sheggz and Bella.
  • Chomzy the Head of the House chose Giddyfia and Amaka.

After a while, Biggie called all the Level Up Housemates into the Lounge for their fate to be read out. He explained that Chomzy is immune from Nominations and possible Evictions since she was Head of House. Added to that Eloswag who is Chomzy’s partner would also get the same immunity. After that Biggie announced that everyone else is up for possible Evictions this Sunday.

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