Eloswag wins the first Head of House BBNaija 2022

Today July 25, the first Head of House Game known as HOH for short, housemates were met with an amazing surprise from Biggie. It was pretty fun, full of screams, yelling and a moment of hugs as participants in both houses finally get to meet each other for the first time.

Biggie gave all the housemates a tough run and they had to rethink their strategy. While they were happy to see the other housemates, they still know in their minds “it’s me and N100 Million Naira against the other 23 contestants”.

As usual, before the rules of the game is shared the housemates are requested to settle down. Then it was made clear what benefits and tasks come with winning the Head of House title especially since it’s the first in this season.

A plot twist came when Biggie announced that if a housemate wins the HOH title, all the other housemates from that section gain immunity for the week. Housemates with the worst performance will be given the title Tail of the House which may hold some responsibility or yield rewards.

The game started when the housemates were given ping-pong balls to move from one end of the room to the other using pipes that were provided by Biggie with the sole aim for them to transport as many as they could within the given time.

Last Last – Biggie declared Bella, Phyna, Daina, Chryst O, Giddyfia, and Groovy out of the game and that Bella was the first tail of the House (Bella TOH). After the conclusion of the first round Khalid, Byann, Cyph, Eloswag, and Dotun did well enough to proceed to the next round of the game.

The next stage requires Khalid, Byann, Cyph, Eloswag, and Dotun to pick two bottles of cashew nut each. Within three minutes, they need to empty all cashew nuts into their respective bowls breaking the bottle or taking shortcuts.

Fortunately for Eloswag and Cyph, Dotun and Khalid broke the rule of the game and were disqualified. After emptying the cashew nuts and not breaking any rules, the heaviest bowl determines the winner.

After carefully weighing and moments of fun/gist, as suspense Biggie explained to Dotun and Khalid why they were disqualified.


Shortly, Eloswag was announced as the first HOH winner for the BBNaija Season 7💪!

In case you don’t know who Eloswag is, we have you covered with Eloswag Biography.

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