Eloswag Ready to go Physical as Bella and Chomzy Continues to Taunt Him.

Housemates of Level 1 have their first official quarrel as the girls from level 1 particularly Bella and Chomzy keep tormenting Eloswag about the passionate kiss he shared with Level 2 Housemate, Phyna during last week’s Saturday Night Party.

Eloswag who has been trying to keep his anger down burst out at the girls telling them that he is not finding their joke funny. He shouted at Chomzy as he already lost patience regarding her continuous jokes which he has warned them not to find funny.

Giddyfia and Adekunle (the peacemakers) tried to calm Eloswag who seem to have lost all his tempers. They succeeded in calming Him down and just as the situation seemed calm, Bella provoked him again.  Bella in her bid to taunt him more dared him to beat her and he replied to her that the matter doesn’t even concern her. He was almost going physical before Sheggz quickly intervened and was ready to go physical with Eloswag if he eventually touches Bella. Bella and Sheggz continued yelling at Eloswag as Eloswag who was confused and angry keep trying to prove his point.

Bella kept standing her ground that it was all jokes and cruise, Chomzy kept wondering why it was hard for Eloswag to just politely address the matter and let them know that he doesn’t like their jokes.

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