Eloswag Nominates 7 Housemates for Possible Eviction

The head of the house is eligible to nominate 5 housemates from the other level for possible eviction. Eloswag won the first BBNaiija Head of House game for week 1 but there was no nomination in the second week of the game – with luck shining around Eloswag, he wins the Head of House game again, and this time with the power to nominate other people for eviction.

At 7:30 Big Brother welcomes Elosawg into the Diary room (nomination success) – Eloswag admits he’s worried and very sad.

Eloswag nominates:

Chizzy – he’s angry and not on good terms with our level and that’s not healthy

Daniella – I feel because her LOML is no longer here and she’s their strength in arena games

Kess (the married man) – not totally sure he’s fully free here as he’s married and he’s laying back

Modella – I want to see where her strength lies in this game (plot twist ooooo)

Pharmsavi – I want to see his strength too to know if he’s a strong opponent

Amaka (second time) – I don’t have a strong reason but she should be up for eviction again

Groovy – I want to see what happens when he goes

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