Doyin gets angry at claims that he interferes with housemates’ relationship –

Doyin had a brief downtime today for a chat with Chizzy.

His outburst was sparked by claims last week that he deliberately enjoyed weighing in on housemates’ relationships.

This made Doyin angry at Chizzy’s attempt to offer advice regarding his involvement in Sheggz and Bella’s last fight.

Rushing to her defense, Bella fanned the flames by expressly calling Chizzy along with anonymous male housemates.

According to Doyin, people usually bring their problems to her and not the other way around, as spread by housemates, presumably in an attempt to evict her.

Meanwhile, Sheggz and Bella had another big argument that ended as quickly as it started.

The pair continue to draw mixed reactions from fans with most calling on the show’s organizers to weigh in on what has been branded as abusive.

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