Doyin and Deji Enters into a new Favorite Enemy zone

Ever since Deji entered the big brother’s house, he’s been doing a great job of turning both girl’s and boys’ heads. Doyin who seems to be having a crush on him describes him as her “Favorite Enemy” during a morning conversation with Deji seen peeling an orange.

Doyin kept on looking straight at him while he himself was having a hard time maintaining eye contact with her. She describes Deji as being annoying every time as she proceeds to beg for an orange.

Let us be reminded that earlier, Doyin had told Deji that she has a crush on him but then its only frienship she could offer at that point.

Doyin listed a lot of things she likes about Deji among which aere his looks, calmness and style even though she retorted to saying he can be very annoying when he decides to be. She describes his annoying attitude as a turn on and she claims that she keeps liking him.

Deji in response stated that he doesnt care about her or her opinion and the whole atmosphere became a little more tensed as Doyin questioned again “so you don’t care?” Deji responded by saying “whatever, man” and she said, “I am not a man.”

The conversation moved to Doyin mentioning that Chichi told her that Deji likes her. She feels like Deji is not communicating that, and likes someone else instead.

Seems Doyin just have a crush on Deji who isnt feeling her.

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