Deji switches Houses with Groovy

The fake housemate Deji was chosen by Big Brother for a secret mission so far he was able to pull the stunt off his housemates as he complained bitterly and emphasized moving to level 2.

After this week’s wager presentation task leaving level 2 to be the winner, Big Brother surprised the housemates by asking Deji to move to level 2 house and while Groovy welcomed Deji to his Level, he was assigned to his new House, Level 1.

After the housemates left the arena, Chichi was seen weeping and wailing profusely. Dotun who had formed a bromance with Deji was also seen shedding tears. The whole house was thrown into a state of melanchony. Back at level 2, Phyna was seen shedding serious tears as she was very distraught by the news of the swap. Groovy seemed very cool about the switch as he tried to comfort Phyna. Amaka also seemed to be very pleased with the switch due to reasons best known to her

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