Daniella reveals why she likes Bryann despite his behavior towards her (Video)

BBNaija Season 7 level up Housemates – Daniella reveals why she likes Bryann despite his “rude” attitude toward her.

During the early hours of Sunday, July 24 Daniella revealed to Bryann in a brief conversation that she felt he was “lowkey disrespectful” to her. She continued by saying that even though he was rude, she doesn’t mind because she likes them rude.

Prior to this moment, Daniella described Bryann as a gorgeous man who she believes they’ll get along in the house – this is clearly because of some of his characters she finds interesting.

She didn’t stop there, she also appreciated his hair, saying how much she favored the natural appearance.

Is something romantic already sparking upp? Well, we think so too, what do you think? Could this lead to a sparking sweet potential romance that could lead to a ship or a happy ending?

Watch the Video of Daniella revealing her secrets:

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