Daniella annd Ilebaye Clashes Over Socks, Khalid Reacts

Daniella and Ilebaye were involved in a heated argument over socks earlier today – Friday the 12th.

The issue escalated to the point they had to change words over socks. Who fights over socks if there’s nothing else? Thought so too but Ilebaye claimed he owns the pair of socks, which did not go well with her fellow housemate – Daniella.

The moment Ilebaye was expressing her thoughts, Daniella angrily commanded her to shut her mouth. Daniella went ahead to further clarify that Ilebaye has been acting stupid since she had been in the house.

During the process, Khalid tried inviting peace by calming Ilebaye down, but Ilebaye insulted Khalid too. Bryann who had earlier had an altercation with Ilebaye this week, advised Khalid to step back from the argument as he have been in his shoes and wouldn’t advise him to take the same step.

Watch the video below:

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