Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

Meet Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Meet Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 Houseguest

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When the cast of Big Brother 4 is revealed, we find out more about Daniel Durston, a 31-year-old artist from Las Vegas of Ontario, California, who will compete with fifteen other guests for the $ 750,000 first-place prize this summer.

Name and surname Daniel Durston
Age 35
Sex Male
Home town Ontario, California
Current City Las Vegas, Nevada
Instagram @
Occupation Las Vegas performer
Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

What is the best advice you received before going out to play?

I think the best advice I got before going out to play was actually when I was very young, touring as a musician. I wanted to get bigger and more successful. And another musician who was once a clown told me, “You have to do what you have to do to get to where you are going.” And I’ve lived on this all my life. And I’m definitely bringing it into the Big Brother Home.

Outside of that life motto, the best advice I’ve ever heard Big Brother it goes, it’s actually Kevin from Big Brother Canada in a podcast when he says, “Nobody knows anything. We’re all terrible. And we’re all stupid.” (He laughs.)

How do you think people will perceive you?

I think that upon entering the house, people will initially perceive me as a noisy and hateful person. I am very blunt and I project insanely loud, because I am a stage actor. And they are not wrong about all of these things! (He laughs.) I just hope they can somehow vibrate with it. But I think maybe because I’m 6’3 ″ they will think I’m a physical threat. But I’m not that big of a person in general. Hopefully there are more physical threats in the home. And they’ll let me slip on the radar for a while.

What types of players would you like the least of in your alliance?

Loud and hateful people! (He laughs.) Because I might be one of them and we have too many in one group. For sure it will explode! But also the crazy men. Not physically large, but the ones who have to point out that they are like this macho man. I don’t really feel with those people. And I definitely don’t want to work with them.

What’s one thing other guests might not like about you?

My humor might be a bit skewed here and there. Because I’m used to hanging out with my best friends who take me and I take them. So when I meet new people, I let them have the same humor. Many times, it doesn’t stick at first. And people judge me for it. So I have to start adjusting and find my way around it, which is the subject of this game. But I think after the first couple of days, hopefully, they’ll get used to my humor and I’ll get used to theirs. And we will all love each other until I eliminate them. (He laughs.)

On eviction night, would you rather flip the vows against the house to help your individual game, or go with the house to help your general alliance?

I will do whatever works for me. Of course I have to work in a way that won’t be discovered if it’s a rogue vote or something. But it’s definitely my game. I’ve waited too long to play this game to play someone else’s game. So, on the night of the eviction, it will be the vote that will help me. Whether it’s going with the house for a week or two, or just turning it over completely whenever I need it.

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