Conversation between Kanaga and Tsatsi after Ebuka shook their table

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  1. So Tsatsi the fact that you like KJ is something that you want to keep for for your heart .No darling you need to express it to KJ.

  2. For the fact ipeleng did not pick this girl has really humbled her and she is so confused,I pray two of them make it to the finals.
    Kg is emotionally very strong beyond his age.

  3. I have learned a great lesson from Tsatsi you get hate for being real because people don't like a person whom they cannot control so they try by all means to find anything to pin on her. Manipulator has found a new meaning in bbt and people who always say you need a strategy to play the game when you actually do have one they turn and say you a bad person Tsatsi said they are not strong so in that kind of set up is better to lay low so at the end you get to the finals as a person who watched bb she already forseen the great players and we can agree she's right the people she predicted are strong. The Ipeleng discussion I don't know why it's surprising people because I heard Tsatsi saying it more than once even with Thabang that she doesn't know how it's going to work out she has fallen for Kj and with the things she still needs to do after the show and them being in different countries it's scary for her.

  4. I don't see any shaking of table there. Ebuja was asking them questions based on the conversation they had it's not as if they spoke in each other's back

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