Confusion as two Fake Housemates were Introduced to Level things up

The Sunday live show saw the introduction of two fake housemates. Although the Housemates were happy that none of them was evicted after the stressful week they had, they were thrown into a state of confusion when the new additions stepped in.

The first fake housemate to be introduced by Ebuka was Deji, in his words he assured the audience that he was going to be so real, giving his hot body credit to keep the game blazing. Truth be told, Deji’s outfit really showed off his torso and we are already assured his banged body will be the talk of the housemates. Deji was to join the Level 1 housemates.

Modella, who describes herself as the content queen the House needs was introduced by Ebuka as the second housemate to be joining level 2. Full of energy and clothed in a pure white bedazzled gown promises Biggie fans to give vibes.

The level 2 housemates were thrown into a state of confusion when Modella made her entrance into the house. The Housemates paused for a moment as if they were seeing a ghost. It was only when she spelled out to them that she was the new Housemate that she finally got a reaction.

Kess the married man was first to stand, hug and welcome her because there was still a real sense of confusion among the Housemates.

Before bringing the show to a halt, Ebuka prompted a reminder to the Housemates on both Levels that showcasing themselves is important but entertaining the fans is what’s more important,

“Relax, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” he addressed.

In Level 1, Dotun and Hermes wasted no time in filling Deji in with what’s what and who’s who and with who in the House. Sheggz stared at Hermes as he sang like a canary but Deji played along, acting totally surprised at what the game is about.

As Twists and turns of the game keep coming, who will crack first under the pressure?

According to the show host – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Nomination kicks off right after Monday’s Head of House game as the vacation is officially over for the housemates.


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